About Joan Cergol

Joan Cergol is a lifelong resident of the Town of Huntington, Long Island, New York. She is a member of the Huntington Town Board and the former Director of the Huntington Community Development Agency.  Joan’s work focuses on economic development, community revitalization and improving the quality of life of Huntington’s 200,000+ residents.

Joan is also a writer, having published two books about the history of Huntington’s OHEKA Castle, and when time permits, posts essays here about growing up in Long Island, Huntington people making a difference, her family, and her work.

Joan is an observer of people and has always been driven to write about events and the personalities that have shaped her life and impacted her viewpoint. She believes that if we look hard enough, we will find a “little life lesson” behind even the smallest encounter or personal experience.

Joan is married to Greg Cergol, WNBC-TV’s NewsChannel 4 Long Island Reporter. They have raised two daughters who have also turned to careers in the creative/entertainment industries.

It is Joan’s sincere hope that her writings will stir the memories and emotions of her readers, and in some cases, generate a smile or a chuckle. Please join the followers of this blog to get word of new posts, and/or share your comments after posts.

Personal emails can be sent to Joan at joancergol@gmail.com